My Old Kentucky Birds

There are lessons that need to be relearned from time to time, and today I learned another again:

It is very hard to bird in a forest during high summer.

Not impossible, mind you, but hard. As a result of that difficulty, today's trip to Carter Caves State Resort Park in eastern Kentucky did not net me a life bird, but my year list is a little bigger, and there were a few other cool sightings. The list:

1 Red-eyed Vireo
2 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
3 Chipping Sparrow
4 Red-bellied Woodpecker
5 Red-tailed Hawk
6 Eastern Phoebe
7 Turkey Vulture
8 Summer Tanager
9 Northern Parula Warbler
10 American Robin
11 Tufted Titmouse
12 Downy Woodpecker
13 Pileated Woodpecker
14 Wood Thrush
15 Least Flycatcher
16 Belted Kingfisher
17 Eastern Kingbird
18 American Crow
19 Rock Dove
20 European Starling
21 Northern Mockingbird
22 American Goldfinch
23 Common Grackle
24 Wild Turkey
25 Tree Swallow
26 Barn Swallow
27 Blue Jay
28 Northern Cardinal
29 House Sparrow
30 Mourning Dove
31 Purple Martin
32 Chimney Swift
33 Carolina Chickadee (Voice)
34 Carolina Wren (Voice)

Not a bad day, especially since we really got only about two hours of real birding in. We also got a close look at a couple of deer at CCSRP, walked under Natural Bridge, found a good lunch stop (the Smokehouse, near Tollesville, which had terrific fried chicken and decent barbecue), and took a long drive through bluegrass country (and Bourbon County) before discover All. The. World's. Traffic. on I-64 heading into Louisville. We did eventually make it to Indiana, where the law apparently forbids living within sight of an interstate. Empty, empty territory. But that eventually yielded to I-164 and the road to Evansville, where we are currently enjoying the prospect of an extra hour of sleep thanks to crossing into the Central Time Zone.

Tomorrow: lots and lots and LOTS of driving, followed by barbecue.

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