I guess we've sort of crossed a rubicon here at Cashwell World Headquarters. As of yesterday, Kelly and I have two kids away at college, leaving us, the lunkheaded hound dog, and whatever Asian stinkbugs haven't yet gone belly up as the only permanent residents of the house.

We dropped Thing Two off at his dorm in Richmond just before two yesterday, learning once again that VCU has its move-in process down to a precision science: scores of helpful students, all wearing bright yellow t-shirts, all smiling and positive and organized. (It's also a nice thing that a significant plurality of them are neither white nor male; when you work where I do, it's good to be reminded on occasion that the rest of the world comes with varying skin tones and chromosomes.) We didn't get to meet his roommate, alas, but we got him into his second-floor space in the Artists Colony (his roomie is a voice major) and were able to escape without too many tears flowing. I'm really excited for him, and I can't wait to hear some of his stories about the theatre department.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get some work done on the upcoming first issue of the school newspaper, and I'll probably turn to working on the book at some point.

But I did have to note one thing I won't miss about having kids living in the basement: finding weeks' worth of dirty dishes and towels downstairs. If the nest is going to be empty, at least now we've got a shot at getting it clean.

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