*If you're online at 4:00 today, I'm returning to the airwaves (so to speak) to broadcast the action from today's varsity football game between Woodberry Forest and Paul VI. Just head over to and follow the link to the audio provided by yrs. truly, Greg Jacobs, and David Smith.

*Last night Kel and I met the boys for a celebration of Ian's 20th birthday, one that involved a trip to the National Theater to see They Might Be Giants (with special guest Jonathan Coulton). TMBG have been favorites of ours for decades; one afternoon while listening to WXYC, Kelly heard "Ana Ng," the opening track from their second album, Lincoln, and called me at the station that evening in order to request it. We've never looked back. She and I first saw the band perform before there was really a band; for the 1990 Flood toor, it was just John Linnell, John Flansberg, and a backing tape. After the kids were born, we played a lot of TMBG for them (well before TMBG themselves produced any kids' albums, I should note), but we didn't get to see them live again until Kel's 40th birthday (where the song playing at midnight was, appropriately, "She's an Angel.") By that time they were backed by the Band of Dans and had become a crack live outfit. When they returned to Charlottesville in 2006, we decided it was time for the boys to experience their first club show and bought tickets for the 14+ show. (Admittedly, we fudged a bit, since Dixon was still about two weeks from turning fourteen.) Still, we all had a blast, and when we saw that John and John (and Dan, and Dan, and now Marty) were playing in Richmond less than a month after we dropped Dixon off for college, we decided it would be a good thing for us all to unite for one more show. Highlights included "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" (basically a "People vs. Apes" shouting contest,) the every-snippet-in-its-place recreation of "Fingertips" (featuring a smoking, pounding, rock-god-apotheosis version of "I Walk Along Darkened Corridors") and surprisingly little accordion, though Linnell did break it out for the second encore, "Particle Man." A great way for Ian to cap off his second decade.

*It was my first time seeing Jonathan Coulton, whose outstanding nerdy pop songs have been favorites of mine for years. In this opening set, he was accompanied by bass and drums, but was alas confined to only about 35 minutes of showtime. The only songs I actually knew were the opening "Code Monkey" and "Shop Vac," but we did get to hear several cool new songs off his latest album, including "Sticking It to Myself" and "Still Alive." I was disappointed that I didn't get to hear an entire theater full of people chanting "ALL WE WANT TO DO IS EAT YOUR BRAINS," since he didn't perform "Re: Your Brains," but there'll be a next time.

*The lack of speech classes is so far feeling pretty good. I'm able to concentrate a bit more on the things I'm actually supposed to be teaching my students about writing. (In past years, much of my time was spent trying to remember whether the students in my 92nd trimester-length speech class had already gone over a particular lesson, or whether I was remembering the time my 91st speech class went over it.) I'm spending a lot of time in writing conferences, but that's kind of the point.

*I've been too swamped to spend a lot of time following the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC, but I can say this: if the NYPD actually takes steps to discipline the police lieutenant who fired pepper spray into the faces of several already-restrained and unresisting young protesters, I think an appropriate punishment wouldn't be too hard to think of.

*Fantasy football continues to frustrate and excite in roughly equal measures. One of my teams is undefeated; the other is 1-2 and has already lost its first-round draft pick (Jamaal Charles) for the season. If you're lucky, I won't tell you much more than that.

*After spending seemingly the entire month of September under a damp tea bag, central Virginia is today showing some signs of autumn. It's not exactly crisp yet, but at the very least I don't think I'm mildewing.

*A busy time approacheth. Heck, I think the approachething is already upon us. After the game, I'll have parent conferences this evening and tomorrow morning. Then I have chaperone duty Saturday night. Sunday is the usual advisee seated dinner, followed by another week of classes and rehearsals for the fall play (Lend Me a Tenor, which goes up November 3rd.) Dorm duty bites me on Friday, as does a production weekend for the school newspaper, The Oracle. The marking period ends on October 12th, which means I have to finalize grades and comments over the next weekend, which will overlap with my dorm duty on Saturday the 15th. Sunday the 16th is another advisee seated dinner. I'll turn in the grades and comments on Monday the 17th, then do another week of classes and rehearsals, then do dorm duty on Saturday the 22nd and advisee seated dinner on the 23rd). The next week is basically just classes and rehearsals, but the 29th will be a tech day, nailing down the final set and prop problems, and the afternoon of the 30th will be the tech run-through of the show. It's dress rehearsal on the nights of Halloween through November 2nd, and then we open on the 3rd. We continue on the 4th and the 5th, wrap up the show with a cast party on Saturday night, and leave me in a quivering heap on Sunday the 6th before I stagger to advisee seated meal that evening. Then we have classes for another week, not to mention the annual Bonfire on the night of Friday the 11th and the WFS vs. EHS game on the 12th, a game I'll once again be broadcasting. Oh, and I've got dorm duties in there, too.

Basically, I don't get a day off until Thanksgiving break.


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