It's hard to believe, but true: I started this site almost a decade ago, with a post on March 19, 2002, discussing the mysterious contents of my desk.

Nine years and eleven months later, it's time to let you know that there are likely to be a few changes in the site in the near future, largely because my longtime web host, the Fictional Company, is shutting down its servers on February 29th in order to start up a new service called LiveBio. I've spent a little time checking out the LiveBio site, and it appears to be a very cool (and highly intuitive) way to host a website, but at the moment, it doesn't appear that it will work for in its current form.

As a result, the odds are pretty good that I'll be moving the site to a different host sometime in the next week or so. My hope is that there will be no interruption in our service and no need to do anything complicated to get back to reading my various entries. Also, it might be a good excuse for me to spend a little time trying to update the site, which I have put off for a very long time and really need to get on in the near future.

But anyway, please join me in thanking Jonathon and his pals at FictCo for their hard work and friendly service, and if you're looking for a way to get a blog up and running, please consider paying a visit.

And if anything else weird comes up, well, you'll know about it when I do.

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