Road Food, Part 1

Burgers and fries,
Hot dogs and pies,
Gimme some grease (Get me a Coke!)
I really want it now.
Road Food!

          --The Darryl Rhoades Orchestra

As Dad and I make our way west on our annual spring break trip, I'm certainly planning to spend a lot of time reporting on our various bird sightings, but that's usually the kind of thing that's more suitable for post-trip reflection.

In the meantime I thought I'd indulge in a little daily reporting on the other important part of our travels: food. Both of us are trying to eat somewhat sensibly on this trip--Dad's actually trying to follow the Atkins diet--so we may not reach our usual heights of culinary adventure, but what the hey.

Follow along with our simple instructions and eat hearty!


My folks' place, Pittsboro, NC:

Coffee, two peanut-butter-and-chocolate granola protein bars

Lexington Barbecue, Lexington, NC (legendary home of "Lexington-style" BBQ; alas, not quite as exciting as its reputation might lead you to expect)

Pulled pork barbecue, slaw, hush puppies, unsweetened iced tea

Road snacks:
Granola protein bar, lemonade

The Olive Tree, Lithia Springs, GA (a pleasant little mom-and-pop Italian joint--great service as well as excellent food)

Cedar-planked salmon w/lemon sauce, grilled broccoli, water


Courtyard Inn, Lithia Springs, GA

Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate-chip cookie, coffee.

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