Fumbling Toward a Hundred

As you may know, I'm trying to finish a manuscript for my second nonfiction book. It's titled, tentatively, The Verb 'To Border', and at the moment, this draft is just over 98,000 words. That makes it about 13% longer than the final version The Verb 'To Bird', but well short of my as-yet-unpublished novel A Raven for Doves, which clocks in at about 128k in its current form.

Regardless, it's a lot of words.

It's not, however, quite enough words yet. I've still got a couple of interview subjects out there working on answers, and I've got to incorporate a few pieces of material from my recent stint at Living Bird as well. There's also a bit of research yet to do on a couple of items--sparrows, cranes, and capybaras, if you were wondering--and I've got to do some reorganization of the whole shmear, but I am at least at the point where the end of the tunnel seems to be in sight. Once the final interviews are in and the rearrangement/trimming is done, I'm betting it'll fall somewhere between 100k and 105k. I'm fervently hoping that will all be done by the end of July.

And then, of course, it must be sent out into the world for agents and such to examine. 

Keep your fingers crossed.

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