Important Lessons from Last Night's Trip to Baltimore

1) No matter how reasonable it seems, never take ANY route to ANY city that involves spending ANY time on the Washington Beltway.

2) If you're in north Baltimore, you owe it to yourself to eat at the Golden West. Dixon and I devoured a ridiculously tasty group of sliders: bison burgers with caramelized onions, applewood-smoked bacon mixed into the meat, and white cheddar, served with an enormous side of garlic fries where the garlic bits were the size of rice grains. Da-rool.

3) Atomic Books is a fascinating place. The vibe is friendly, the graphic novel section enormous, the staff helpful. There's also a bar in the back. We bought two Tim Kreider books and thoroughly enjoyed browsing the shelves for stuff we did not buy (including a collection of David Boswell's classic Reid Fleming: World's Toughest Milkman, which is sort of like reading about a declawed Wolverine, only much much funnier.)

4) Tim Kreider is not only a jaw-droppingly gifted cartoonist and a terrific writer, but an actual (I don't use this word often) Gentleman. He showed up for his reading, on a day when temperatures hit 105, in a coat and tie, and he stood to shake hands with every person who approached him for a signed book. We chatted a bit about Dixon's fan letter from years back--and yes, he remembered the letter--and we walked away even more impressed with Tim Kreider than we already were. Buy his book, y'all: We Learn Nothing.

5) Tim, Dixon, and I have something in common: a fondness for the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Who knew?

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