Driver's Seat

Look, I like driving as much as anyone who isn't actually paid to do it (except my father, who's in a whole different category altogether), but this is starting to get ridiculous.

For the last nine days, I have risen from sleep in one town and have, at some point during the day, driven to another town altogether. Sometimes I've come back, sometimes I've gone to bed in that new town, but frankly, I've just about reached my limit of consecutive driving days.

Let the record show the following:

Tuesday, July 17th:
roundtrip to Richmond to meet our friend Carrie for dinner at Cafe Rustica (superb!) and Mike Doughty's (very excellent) show at the Capital Ale House (approximately 150 miles, half driven by Kelly).

DSC00188.JPGWednesday, July 18th: roundtrip to Richmond to pick up Ian and bring him home so his Mom could hug him goodbye before his big trip (@ 150 miles).

Thursday, July 19th: roundtrip to Washington's National Airport to drop Ian off for his flight to Barbados, where he's taking a couple of courses in Caribbean history and/or lying on the beach getting sunburned (@ 200 miles, with unexpected detour to the Tidal Basin and Anacostia River).

Friday, July 20th: roundtrip to Alpha Kennels in Culpeper to drop off the dog (@30 miles), then to the house of Ruth Dalton, Kelly's mom, in Hope Mills, NC (@ 300 miles, roughly half driven by by Kelly during a nasty thunderstorm).

DSC00192.JPGSaturday, July 21st: roundtrip to Pittsboro, NC, to meet my parents for dinner and show Ruth the antique decor at S&T Soda Shoppe (@ 125 miles, half driven by Kelly).

DSC00193.JPGSunday, July 22nd: roundtrip to Wade, NC, to see the new house of my brother-in-law Andy and his wife Kathy, as well as to compare footprints (@ 50 miles, half driven by Kelly).

Monday, July 23rd: home again, stopping in Richmond to pick up Dixon and his girlfriend Alex (@ 300 miles, roughly half driven by Kelly during a thunderstorm and blinding sunset that caused a near-miss with a mindless little dog on Highway 5).

Tuesday, July 24th: roundtrip to Alpha Kennels in Culpeper to pick up dog in the morning (@30 miles); roundtrip to Gold's Gym in Culpeper for exercise in the evening (@30 miles).

Wednesday, July 25th:
roundtrip to Regal Cinemas 4 in Culpeper to see The Dark Knight Rises (@ 30 miles).

Thursday, July 26th: roundtrip to Richmond to drop Dixon and Alex off (@150 miles).

I've had a wonderful time, visiting friends and family, eating well, and seeing some new and interesting things, but I cannot ignore the numbers: I have traveled an average of just over 150 miles per day for the last ten days--and have personally driven more than100 miles per day over the same spread.

All of which is the short way of saying that the next time I take the car out of my driveway, I want it to look like this:


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