August and Everything After


It's 8/1/12, and I'm getting ready for a few busy weeks. I'll be helping Dixon move into his new residence in Richmond, doing a little birding with friends (I hope), and even celebrating my parents' wedding anniversary, but the main thing I'll be doing is trying, once and for all, to finish this manuscript.

Other than one interview and a final polish, it's basically done, but I simply won't let myself start school without getting it sent out first. So: I'll be saying goodbye to teh Internets for a few weeks until it's finished.

I haven't exactly been churning out daily updates here, so this plan won't significantly disrupt anyone's reading pleasure, but I figured it would be polite to let you know in advance.

I'll still be checking email, so you can drop a line to cashwell at petercashwell dot com if you need to talk to me in the interim.

Other than that:


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