Yes, I've been thinking of Richard Scarry's immortal What Do People Do All Day?, and not just because the Republican candidate for president seems to think the nation is full of people whose payroll taxes somehow don't buy them a stake in the election. I've also been thinking about it because I have been insanely busy over the last few weeks, working the same job that Miss Honey works in Busytown. The good news is that I'm not actually coaching or directing this fall--a first in my 18 Septembers at WFS--but I'm still finding plenty to do.

In fact, one thing that I'll be doing is taking a drive up to Fairfax this very evening (Friday, September 21st for those of you who can't see the rest of the page) in order to help my broadcast partners Greg Jacobs and David Smith bring you the varsity football contest between the Tigers and the Panthers of Paul VI Catholic High School. We'll be on the air at about 6:50, with kickoff scheduled for 7:00.

"But PC," I hear you asking, "how are we to listen in to this internet broadcast?"

I'm glad you asked. You will do it by clicking on this link.

And if you click on the "On Demand" tab, you can even listen to our past broadcasts of our season opener to Benedictine and last week's thrilling comeback against Blair Academy.

BONUS MULTIMEDIA COVERAGE: If you listen carefully tonight, you might just be able to hear my new hat!


Tune in tonight and enjoy the liveliest three-man booth since Dandy Don Meredith hung up his spurs. You'll be glad you did!

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