*Congratulations to Friend of the Blog Ursula Vernon, whose unique comic Digger took home the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story last night. She's keen, and she makes good comics. Check it out--a kazillion science fiction fans can't be wrong.

*The household has gone slightly nuts about bicycling lately. I've gotten myself back up on Uhura (my beautiful black Trek bike) and have been adding mileage at a pretty good clip, largely because Kelly has gotten her own red Diamondback tuned up and ready for action, including a new seat that puts a little less pressure on her underside. And yesterday, in celebration of his 19th birthday, Dixon decided it was time to invest in a bike himself, though he's looking primarily for cheap transport around Richmond, rather than exercise. It's the latter that's been driving Kelly and me over the last few months. We've discovered a few interesting trails, including a former railroad route through a shady wood in Fredericksburg, and will I hope keep hitting them over the next few months, assuming the weather cooperates. She's giving thought to trying a triathlon somewhere down the road, while I'm looking at May's Tour de Madison ride for myself. Updates as warranted.

*Last night Kelly stumbled across a bit of advice from a website with the glorious name of "Unfuck Your Habitat: Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes." Her inspiration last night was a little how-to about putting your t-shirts in the drawer a little differently: folded into thirds and packed on edge, so that the design on the front is visible from above. We both went to it with aplomb, creating a surprisingly large amount of extra space in our dresser drawers, as well as offering me a chance to think about the presence of no fewer than NINE pairs of jeans in my wardrobe--waaaaay more than I need. The Goodwill pile is now a little larger as well. And here is the inspiring result:

DSC00351.JPGThe gap has since been filled in with other freshly laundered t-shirts, but the overall sense of achievement remains.

*Our big weekend in Richmond for Mom and Dad's anniversary was repeated on a much smaller scale this past weekend, when Kelly and I jetted down to Carytown to meet Ian and Dixon and their gal pals, Lindsay and Alex, at the semi-legendary New York Deli, the oldest restaurant in town. I had a cup of matzo ball soup and a first-rate turkey reuben, and the general level of yumminess and plenitude was high. We also gave Dixon the first of his birthday presents, a t-shirt commemorating one of many hilarious episodes from his favorite sitcom, Arrested Development, in which Tobias gets his wife and daughter to form a folk group in order to sing the praises of his new antidepressant, Teamacil:

DSC00339.JPGAfter lunch, we went down to buy his bike, which may be more useful, but probably isn't as funny.

*Speaking of Dixon's birthday, the tales that have leaked out about it have already given us some amusement, a bit of disgust, and a soupcon of alarm, but perhaps my favorite bit of information can be seen on the wall of his kitchen, where the boys have hung a pair of wooden salad tools. Each of these utensils is roughly a foot and a half long, and the spoon's slight discoloration can be blamed on the fact that Dixon's roommates forced him to use it to eat his birthday cake.

*Last but far from least, today is the birthday of Suzanne Sutker Cashwell, a/k/a Mom/Suzy/Granny (or MSG, as she sometimes signs her emails). I hope she's recovered from her anniversary party and can properly celebrate her natal anniversary today--lord knows she deserves it.

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