Election Night: A Summary

As I said elsewhere:

The Koch Brothers, Citizens United, Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove, George Allen, Todd Akin, Donald Trump, homophobia, misogyny, and the War on Drugs all got knocked upside the head by democracy.

Despite my endorsement of President Obama a few days back, I can take no credit for this, though I'd like to think I helped produce two new votes for Obama and Kaine by virtue of raising Ian and Dixon to the age of 18 before this election. Yes, I'm disappointed that Eric Cantor remains in the House, and that redistricting prevented me from voting against him for a seventh consecutive time. Still, with same-sex marriage now legalized by referendum in three states (and a ban on it rejected in a fourth), recreational marijuana decriminalized in two states and medical marijuana legalized in a third, and the entire Rape Caucus of the GOP going down in Senate races, I feel pretty darned good about my country this morning. Good on you, America!


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