Over the past few months, our house has occasionally played host to a variety of guests. The kids returned for their fall break, for example (though their status as "guests" in this house remains questionable), and Ian even turned up twice more in order to attend social events his friends had arranged here in town. Our pal Q came over the mountains to go to a fiber-related festival with Kelly, and my mother stopped in en route from her visit with her own mother, so all in all Kelly and I have had at least some reason to keep the guest room linens clean.

Not all of our recent guests, however, have been human. For several days after the winds of Hurricane Sandy blew through, my backyard feeder played host to flocks of Purple Finches and Pine Siskins, neither of which I had ever seen in the yard before. I didn't get any pictures, alas, and now the usual suspects (American Goldfinch, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, Blue Jay, and the occasional Northern Cardinal or Field Sparrow) have moved back in.

Also, we've played host to these guys:

100_4769.JPGThat'd be the young black rat snake that turned up on the downstairs steps.

100_4772.JPGThat'd be the YARD OF KETTLE CORN that Q and Kelly purchased at the fiber festival. I think it was actually slightly longer than the snake. That's why I'm handling it with the gloves.

100_4798.JPGThis would be the male Dark-eyed Junco who got caught in our carport and either banged into something or just exhausted himself trying to escape. Finding him on the concrete floor when I returned from work,  I picked him up, took him inside to warm him up a bit, and ended up taking him out to put him under one of the azaleas until he was ready to fly again. It took him a while, but he did eventually move along. I also took this photo, which shows him a little better:

100_4796.JPGIt's not the first time I've held a wild bird, but in the excitement I forgot the grip I learned up at Braddock Bay Banding Station back in the spring of '11. Still, I didn't injure him, and I got to experience the thrill of close contact with a wild creature--always a worthwhile experience.

What's next at the Cashwell/Dalton house? Well, our cousins Michael and Catherine are back in the states after several years in London... guess we'd better have the camera ready.

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