My Second Book

I was hoping I'd have some good news to report, and now I feel ready to share it: Paul Dry Books has offered to publish my second book, tentatively titled The Verb 'To Border'.

You may be wondering what it's about. Well, here's what I said in my proposal:

The Verb 'To Border' is a witty, eclectic, and wide-ranging look at the many ways in which lines are drawn, redrawn, erased, and sometimes ignored, written by an author whose personal obsessions--particularly birding and geography--have led him across more than a few.

Framed by the tale of Cashwell's quest to see a new species of bird in each of the fifty states, The Verb 'To Border' is packed with personal anecdotes from all over the USA, irreverent examinations of historical and contemporary writings, and interviews from experts in a wide variety of fields. As readers will discover, the questions addressed here are not seen in other books--or at least not in the same books:

            *Why can gulls breed with other species--but only if they go around the North Pole in the proper order?

            *How did the failure to draw a line on the map lead to the Civil War?       

            *What do LEGO bricks have to do with capturing the sound of a piano?

            *How can the line between right and wrong be clarified by a trip to West Virginia?

            *What magic word can turn a movie's rating from a PG-13 into an R?

            *How do male brains differ from female brains?

            *Which South American rodent does the Vatican consider to be a fish?

            *Why would a sane individual choose to vacation in Cleveland?

            *Why did President Thomas Jefferson instruct Lewis and Clark to watch out for mastodons?

            *How the heck could the umpire possibly call that pitch a strike?

The answers to all of these questions lie between the lines that people have drawn in every aspect of human life--and Peter Cashwell is just stupid enough to cross those lines in order to get a good look at them.

The deal isn't final, so I can't say for sure exactly how everything is going to play out, but at the moment, I'm comfortable sharing a few things. First, this will be an original trade paperback publication--no hardback--but we will also be releasing an e-book version. We're also going to explore the possibility of an audiobook, and there's at least a good chance I'll be doing the reading myself. We hope it will hit the shelves in late 2013 or early 2014.

I'm excited, and I'm deeply grateful to all the people who helped me put this together, and I'm a little frazzled. And since I'm going to be talking about this whole thing a lot in future installments, I'll just leave it at that.

Books. Plural. Wow.

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