Decemberween Update

(If you don't know, the term "Decemberween" comes from, now on seemingly permanent hiatus; it signifies a gift-centered winter holiday coming 55 days after Halloween.)

I hope nobody got coal or switches in a stocking, and further hope that nobody got involved in a fistfight with any grievance-waving yahoos complaining about the War on Christmas. (If such a contest even exists, the score is now something like 2013 to zero in favor of Christmas.) I myself had a busy, busy few weeks, culminating in a mad dash to North Carolina for our families back-to-back Xmas celebrations. We've basically been opening presents since Saturday and haven't quite finished yet, giving this particular yuletide a very Hanukkah-like "six crazy nights" vibe. Among my goodies were the usual: books (Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's The Long Earth, John Varley's Slow Apocalypse, and G.B. Edwards' The Book of Ebenezer LePage, which trusted people have been urging me to read for about a decade now), CDs (The Red Clay Ramblers' It Ain't Right, Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets, and the soundtrack to Northern Exposure), and DVDs (Season 5 of the aforementioned Northern Exposure and the stuffed-in-a-collector's-tin four-disc 25th Anniversary Edition of Mystery Science Theater 3000, featuring the long unavailable episodes Mitchell and The Brain That Wouldn't Die.) There was also clothing, a Charley Harper calendar and coloring book, and too much chocolate.

All that helped me get over one bit of disappointing news: it appears that the publication of Along Those Lines will be delayed until spring.

In some ways, this is good, as February 11th was coming toward me rapidly and I was getting a little concerned about trying to look over a proof while trying to get Woodberry's black box play ready for production on January 23rd. I was also a long way from done with my preparations for the book's release--for example, updating this website, planning publicity announcements and appearances, and contacting far-flung friends to tell them I'd be coming through. With the spring release, I hope to have time for all that. It does, however, mean that my plan to spend spring break on a reading tour will have to be abandoned, and that I don't get the rest of my advance for a couple more months.

Honestly, though, I'm most disappointed by the simple fact that the book won't be out. At this point, I've been working on bits of it for a decade, and at this point I'm really, really ready for it it to be a physical thing, rather than a plan. Writers sometimes compare the time between acceptance and publication to pregnancy, and at this point I kind of see the validity of the idea; I want this thing OUT of me, dammit.

In any case, the due date is now likely to be in April or May, and once I've got a firm date from Paul Dry Books I'll certainly post the information here. Have a happy new year and any other holidays you may wish to celebrate!

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