Spring Cleaning

Whew. As of noon yesterday, I'm done with my responsibilities for the winter trimester, giving me a moment to look around the ol' website and realize that I haven't cleaned up in OH MY GOD PEOPLE ARE COMING OVER AND LOOK AT THIS PLACE. Yes, it's time for spring cleaning.

So what if there's a snowstorm coming Monday? It's still a good time to declutter my thoughts and let y'all know what the heck's going on.

First, you probably know by now that Along Those Lines comes out on May 13th. (And yes, you can pre-order it via that link.) I've been spending the last few weeks asking friends and acquaintances for blurbs, and I'm delighted by the ones the book has so far received. (Sorry--you have to wait to see them.) There's really no bigger boost to the ego than blurbs, when people whose writing talents you hold in high esteem say ludicrously complimentary things about your own writing. It's like someone you find incredibly hot walking up to you and flirting outrageously with you while your friends all watch. Why, yes, Ms. Torres, I thought your portrayal of Zoe was one of the hottest things ever on television...

Second, I have in my possession actual Advance Reading Copies of the book. Yes, real physical objects that work just like books, with covers and pages and numbers and everything! Mind you, many of the changes I made in the manuscript are not reflected in this version, which is why the cover has the words "Advance Uncorrected Proof" on it, but it's still a thrill to hold your book, even if it's technically more like holding an ultrasound than your actual baby. (Can you imagine if doctors gave you three-dimensional models of your baby before it was born? That's kind of eerie... but it might make a decent short story...) Here's the physical evidence:

140312-112307.jpgThird, I'm in discussions with a web designer to have petercashwell.com updated and given some new features. More on that when we get closer to the actual redesign, but I can tell you that one change will (I hope) return to me some control over the sizing of images. In recent weeks, every image I try to post will only go up at one size, and that's often too big for the page. Other times it's exactly as big as the page. But those are currently my only choices. The one above appears to fit, but it would be nice to have the option of using smaller images again.

Fourth, I'm going to spend a little time on the road on this spring break, but for once I won't be spending most of it birding. (Okay, yes, I'll spend SOME of it birding...) I'm actually heading north to visit friends and relations in the Big Apple and environs, as well as to work on a Secret Project that you'll learn more about in the future.

Fifth, children. I have them. One of them has begun the application process for law school, which has resulted in a variety of discoveries for us all. Ian himself has discovered just how many of his relatives attended the University of North Carolina and how hard it is to list all of them on a single application form. Kelly and I have discovered that being English majors means proofreading essays even after your kids grow up and leave home. He has at least figured out that he'll need a break and has bought tickets to Bonnaroo in Tennessee this summer. Dixon, on the other hand, is perfectly happy where he is--in the middle of this third year in the BFA Theater Performance program at Virginia Commonwealth University--and is in rehearsal for his next role: Hamlet. But not in Hamlet. No, he's playing Hamlet in David Davalos' Stoppard-esque  prequel, Wittenberg, in which the Prince of Denmark spends his senior year at Wittenberg U. dithering over declaring a major, resulting in a fight between his two professors: Martin Luther and Dr. Faustus. The show opens on March 27th, and you can buy tickets here.

Sixth, I'm on break, and will therefore be logging off to play video games.

Talk to you soon!

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