Along Those Lines

Today, after a little over a decade of work, multiple drafts, thousands of miles, and well over 20,000 words' worth of cuts, my new book, Along Those Lines, is at last in print.

To celebrate the occasion, I've engaged the talented Jackson Henry to update a bit. Though he hasn't tampered with the overall design much (because I like the overall design, which Karen and Mignon created all those years ago), he has replaced a rather outdated and only semi-useful "Resources/Bibliography" page with something new: a brand-new page featuring the new book (and building off the cover's spiffy blue-and-red arrow motif.) There you'll find links to several online sales outlets, including several e-book options, as well as a brief summary of the book and a somewhat longer excerpt to give you a taste of what ATL offers.

I've tried very hard to create a book that is entertaining and thoughtful and informative, and with the help of some very clever and knowledgeable people, I think I've succeeded, but there's really only one way we can find out for sure: get yourself a copy and read it.



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