If you're interested in obtaining a signed and personalized copy of Along Those Lines, you may do so with one very simple email. Simply do the following:

1) Be the first person to find a review of Along Those Lines somewhere on the internet. (It doesn't have to be a GOOD review, though that would certainly be my preference.)

2) Send me a link to said review. (Note: Kaethe's "instant gratification" comment on Goodreads doesn't count, as she wrote it several weeks before the book was published. And the publisher's reviews don't count either.)

Can this review be one you wrote yourself? Yes.
Can it be a review at an online store like Amazon or But of course!
Can it be a review at a magazine or newspaper site? Oh, mais oui!
Can it be a review in a blog? Why the hell not?

In short, all I want is a look at the first ATL review on the internet. Give me the link to it, and I'll give you a book.

Email and enjoy the hot papery goodness of Along Those Lines right in your home!

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