How do I know I'm nervous? Because ALONG THOSE LINES comes out in a week? Because I'm in the throes of finally getting the official ALONG THOSE LINES page added to the site? Because I'm trying to arrange a hometown reading at McIntyre's Books on June 14th (still all but official as of this writing)? Because I just spent twenty minutes trying to remember what I'd changed this blog's password to before I finally realized I hadn't actually changed it?

I think the answer is e) All of the above.

I don't know why I'm nervous. I don't even really FEEL nervous, but the results, shall we say, speak for themselves. Granted, lately I've had plenty of opportunities where nervousness might show itself, yet it hasn't; heck, just this afternoon I was belaying students on a seventy-foot rock wall at Raven's Roost, and my brake hand was as steady as it's ever been. (I didn't even release the rope when the Black Vulture swooped over the cliff edge above us, or when the first-of-the-year Black-and-White Warbler started singing in the trees behind us.)

I haven't done anything crazy with money--yet. I did order a few books and CDs, so I finally own the soundtrack of The Impostors, which is a glorious blend of jazz and dixieland classics on the one hand and new material by Gary DeMichele and the Forever Tango Orchestra on the other. I haven't forgotten important stuff like mailing the author copies of the book (yes, when you write a book, you get them early) to my various co-conspirators, though I'm not entirely sure I remember where I put all those mailing addresses... I even remembered to run the dishwasher tonight. And I don't have any major things I have to get graded by tomorrow morning. All things considered, I should be the very picture of calm just now.

And yet. Passwords.

Maybe I should go to bed.

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