Donna Seaman reviewed Along Those Lines for the July 1st issue of Booklist:

"Birding state-by-state got Cashwell (The Verb 'To Bird,' 2003) thinking about lines and boundaries geographical, social, scientific, and cultural and the problematic if intriguing divide between concept and reality. A zesty storyteller, creative thinker, and energetic researcher, who chases obscure facts as ardently as dreamed-of birds, Cashwell brings his inquiry into the meaning and influence of lines to the practice of map-making, exploring the role politics plays in creating borders and our insistence on fighting wars over these largely arbitrary divides. Cashwell's love of language and particular interest in naming inform his consideration of how we delineate everything from species to musical genres to the geometries of religious tenets and the demarcations of time. Fascinated by all border skirmishes, Cashwell shares arresting thoughts about our longing for clear categories when it comes to gender and the phases of life as well as natural death and forced extinction. Crossing into sunnier territory, Cashwell enthusiastically, humorously, and shrewdly conducts his line-seeking investigation in the realm of sports and takes a foray into the LEGO craze. Intellectual reveling at its finest."

I am, as you might expect, pleased with this review.

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