My Monthly Update

It has not escaped my notice that I'm updating this journal more infrequently than in the past. The main reason, as you might expect, is a string of commitments to things like work and family, a string that is preventing me from getting much written here. (To be honest, it's preventing me from getting much written, period.) When I haven't been scrambling to get a project done for class, or to get caught up on my paper-grading, or to make it down to Richmond for one of Dixon's THREE productions in the last month, I've been trying to get WFS's winter play off the ground. I'm happy to note that auditions went well, and that we'll be presenting Don't Drink the Water in February, but I'm also pretty tired.

On the plus side, I did get new glasses.

141106-204306.jpgWith any luck I'll be able to chime in with a few more updates over the next few months, but in the meantime I'll just ask y'all to be patient with me, and to remember that Along Those Lines makes a GREAT Christmas gift....

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