Last Night

To say I'm exhausted is to understate the case; I've been packing now for over a week, and tomorrow I get up to get the moving van, and when our helpers come at 9:30, we're off to start a new chapter of our lives in Richmond. The excitement that accompanies such a new chapter will doubtless start to seep back into our spirits sometime next week, but right now it's hard to do anything but look around this house and think about what's happened here. We moved in back in the summer of 2008, when both boys were still in high school, and now they've both graduated from college and are fully out of the nest. I cannot express my gratitude to both Ian and Dixon for what they've done this weekend helping us get ready for the move, and what they'll doubtless be helping us do as we settle into the town where they've lived for the last six and four years, respectively.

But honestly, right now I can't really process what's happening. I'm getting ready to leave the place where I've lived and worked for the last two decades, and what lies ahead is a great unknown. All I know is that I've loved a great many things about this school, not least because it was such a good environment in which to raise our kids. For all the stress, the unrelenting pace, and the frustrations of having to mix career and home life to an extraordinary degree, Woodberry Forest School helped make our children into the men they are, and that's not something we (or they) will ever forget.

Starting tomorrow, I'll look out my window on a very different landscape. I'll have different needs and different expectations, but I'll keep the memories of this place forever, and the ways in which it brought possibilities into being.

100_2475.JPGAmici usque ad aras.

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