So Here I Am

I'm back from a bit of epic travel, a four-day, 1700-mile journey to Chicago and back, and boy, are my arms tired.

OK, that punch line might not quite work here, but it does sort of demonstrate my current mindset, which is rather shower-like at the moment, at least in the "widely scattered" department. My hope was to settle immediately back into Writerly Mode and churn out more bits of novel, but so far I've mostly managed only to lurk in online fora, win a couple of games on Sporcle, do a bit of research on ferryboats, and add roughly three sentences to the MS.

I'm not quite sure what the defining element of this block might be. At first I assumed it was related to trying to work at home, which is, as I well know, a very distracting place. Then I repaired to my local coffee shop, but other than a decent lunch and cup of joe, the results have not been especially good. I do know that one troublesome issue with writing is the simple act of getting the words down, and often the best way to do that is to churn out a few pages of something--anything--before attempting to put those words into your actual writing project. These are usually called "morning pages," at least among those who've read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and I can attest that they are often very helpful in priming the writer's pump. Whether these pages are any real fun to read, however, is a question I can't necessarily answer in the positive. Unfortunately for you, you CAN answer that question, but not necessarily in the positive.

So here I am, sitting at a bus stop, wishing I was somewhere else... no, wait. That's a UB40 song.

But yeah, it's a little frustrating to be (at long last) free from work and family obligations, yet chained to a writer's block that is at least temporarily holding me back from actually making practical use of that freedom. Irony, man. 


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