Election Day 2016

Here's my Tweetstorm from last night.  

1 As a straight, white, married, middle-aged Southern male, I'm presumably right in the middle of Trump's target zone. Why am I voting HRC?

2 Well, for one thing, I'm pretty liberal on social issues. I have no love whatsoever for the religious right.

3 For another, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool feminist, so Trump's personal misogyny is disqualifying even if I liked his policies

4 But at the core, I just don't feel the terror some old white dudes seem to feel about demographic changes in the US.

5 It's kind of like the Copernican Revolution. The math is telling us a truth: we're not the center of the universe.

6 We never WERE the center of the universe. But we built our system to tell us that comforting lie for as long as possible.

7 But now the lie is no longer tenable. We can either cling to it uselessly, lashing out at those who speak the truth...

8 ...or consider the marvels contained by a universe where we're not the center--and therefore not alone.

9 To be the center is to be the lone pivot, with nothing and no one beside you. Isolated. Distant. Untouched.

10 How much better to be part of something--one of many planets orbiting many stars, making up a fantastic universe.

11 There's a reason our national motto is E PLURIBUS UNUM. No person, no group alone can make something greater than itself.

12 If you want to transcend yourself, you need others. You need more than just yourself. You need partners.

13 So that's what I want: to be a partner to those who aren't just like me. To make America greater than I can make it alone

14 I don't want to make America great again; it's great without me. But even if it's less white, less male, less straight...

15 ...I believe it can be greater than a straight white male America ever was. And I welcome those who'll help make it so.

16 Thanks. Let's get to the polls, y'all.

And I mean all y'all. /end

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