Persephone Lied

I've used this space more than once to plug the work of a writer I know and admire, so it shouldn't be shocking that I'm doing so for a writer I know better and admire more than any other: Kelly Dalton, a/k/a my wife, my partner, my helpmeet, the other member of Team Hydracid, etc.

The book in question is Persephone Lied, a collection of poems that show Kelly's sometimes disturbing reworkings of myths, fairy tales, and daily events. I've been reading her poems since we met at UNC, and I can tell you she's always had a whimsical streak; what she's developed over the years is a way of looking at the what-ifs of a familiar tale or situation and finding the one that's the creepiest... but without losing the whimsy.

The book includes "If I Only Had...," the poem she published in Apex Magazine, as well as two she placed with Stickman Review, while four are new. The title poem, however, is the one that has the strangest history. She posted it online years ago and was then surprised a few years later when she was contacted by a young film student at DePaul; the student had come across the poem online and developed a huge love for it, and now she wanted to make a short film based on it. (The film is viewable on Vimeo here, though the volume is low, so you may need to crank up the sound.) Discovering that fan led to Kelly's turning up others who had praised the poem online, and eventually she figured she'd probably better just go ahead and put the thing out there, and she's been curious about self-publishing anyway, so... 

In any case, the book is a very small one, a chapbook in e-book form, so it's both a quick read and an inexpensive one at only 99 cents. If you have a Kindle or similar device, you're in luck, and if you're like me (i.e. stuck in the Ancient Empire of Hard Copy) you'll have to get somebody else to show it to you. 

I hope you enjoy this look inside her brain. It's a place where I'm fortunate enough to get regular visits, but it's kind of like a medieval map sometimes; the contours are familiar, but not entirely as you'd expect, and there appear to be dragons off in the distant corners.

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