The Music Meme: Day 20 & Day 21

As an educator, I am very conscious of the need to ask good questions. Before I hand out a test, I look carefully to see what my students are being asked to do, and in many cases I make changes so that they don't give an improper response--or worse, a proper response to the wrong question.

Sadly, the creator of the Music Meme on which I've been writing recently did not take the same care. Here are the next two prompts:

Day 20: A song from a new album you are waiting for to come out
Day 21: A song you want to dance to at your wedding

I'll ignore the awkward wording on Day 20--there's really no good way to put "for" and "to" beside each other in an English sentence--and simply note that a song from an album that isn't out is also unlikely to be out. Yes, advance singles are a real thing, but they're not that common, and I don't know of one right now. In short, this is an excellent prompt for someone paying aggressive attention to current and near-current releases, but not a good one for a person whose recent tendency is to buy new albums at the merch table in the concert venue.

The Day 21 prompt of course presumes that the writer has not already had a wedding, or perhaps that the writer intends to marry again. Neither presumption applies to me, thanks.

In other words, I'm going to take a brief hiatus from this project. There's other writing to be done, a fantasy football team to draft, and one last summer birding session to put in before faculty meetings begin on Monday. Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

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