The Music Meme: Day 22

Day 22: A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

Hi, again. Hope you enjoyed your hiatus. I'm here on the last day before fall faculty meetings, recovering from a morning's birding and speculating as to what approach a TV producer would take with my life. Obviously, the theme song must fit in with the overall style and purpose of the program, so a lot of possibilities must be considered.

If they make it a procedural like Bones, or House, or some CSI or other, then obviously the Who's "The Real Me" is the theme song. Really, I don't see how this is even a question.

A classic multi-camera sitcom like The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Let's go with XTC's "The Everyday Story of Smalltown" 

Maybe a one-camera PoMo comedy like Scrubs? I'll say Gomez's "See the World" 

A sci-fi/supernatural adventure like The X-Files or Fringe? Hard to beat the Mountain Goats' "Dilaudid" here.

How about a quirky ensemble piece like Arrested Development? The Jazz Butcher's "Down the Drain" seems apropos.

A star vehicle for the actor playing me? (Bruce Campbell has definitely got the edge when it comes to casting, by the way.) I'd definitely go with Joe Jackson's "I'm the Man."

In all probability, though, I feel fairly sure that whatever ended up getting produced for me would have to walk the line between comedy and drama, so let's assume that it would in some ways resemble Northern Exposure, though casting the quirky people around me is going to be an important part of the show's ultimate success. Still, there's going to be a need to find a song that also walks with one foot in each zone, so to speak, so we'll need a theme that combines the somber with the absurd, mixing a sprinkle of wistful nuggets into the dark syrup of the everyday. And if that's the blend your aesthetic demands, there's really only one person to supply it: Robyn Hitchcock. 

I've loved this song from the first time I heard it, thanks partly to Peter Buck's all-out Rickenbacker jangle, but there are so many other lovely touches: the bit of organ toward the end, the full-throated open chords of the chorus, the wail of the slide guitar, and the unspeakably lovely fact that the first line is not merely a line, but A GODDAM HAIKU:

A man's gotta know
His limitations, Briggs, or
He will just explode.

That alone decides the matter. When the TV executives assemble, this is the song I'm handing them.

Also, I want a moose in the credits.

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