The Music Meme: Day 28

Day 28: A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend

I've been married for a little over 31 years now, so well over half my musical experience has been as a married man. Basically, since we started dating in 1985, new music has come in one of several categories: songs that Kelly introduced me to, songs that I first heard in Kelly's presence, or songs that I first heard knowing that she'd probably hear them soon herself.

One of the latter came to me (and to her) through the agency of the late, lamented, which you may recall as my regular online home for most of the Oughts. One year, about a half-dozen of us decided to make up CD mixes of some favorite music and share them, a decision that led me to discover a number of unfamiliar songs, including one called "My Rights vs. Yours." This was my introduction to the New Pornographers, whose blend of tight harmonies, aching melodies, and mysterious lyrics drew me in quickly, and (as soon as I'd picked up a copy of Challengers, the album containing "MRvY") Kelly as well.

How did I know? Well, there's one difference between Kelly and me that becomes fairly apparent in the car: I am far, far morely likely to turn up the music and sing along. It's not that she won't do it, but that she's far more selective about which songs to sing, at least when we're riding together. It wasn't long before I'd first inserted Challengers into the car's CD changer that I began to notice her doing it with the New Pornographers' songs--and especially with "Go Places."

The purity of Neko Case's voice gets a fine showcase on this tune, but I felt pretty sure that wasn't why Kelly enjoyed singing it. She tends to engage with a song based on its lyrics, and before I long, I realized that what she really enjoyed about the song was singing its chorus:

Come head-on, full circle
Our arms fill with miracles
Play hearts, kid, they work well
Like magic, play aces
Stay with me, go places
Once more for the ages

Maybe it's a request, maybe an invitation, maybe an order. But even now, a decade after she began singing it, I hear her and think, "Okay. Okay, I will."

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