The Bird Meme: Day 25

Day 25: A bird you can relate to the most

American Crow

I find it hard not to feel one with the crow. David Quammen's single best sentence (and there are a lot of great ones to choose from) remains this gem: "Crows are bored." He's right, because this is a bird that is extremely intelligent, but doesn't necessarily have a lot of good ways to use its brainpower; you can find videos online of crows figuring out how to solve puzzles, or discovering the cheap amusement inherent in sliding down the steep slope of a snowy roof. It's a playful and sociable bird, but it's also fairly taciturn at times, and its attachment to its mate is lifelong.

Crows are versatile, capable of eating nearly anything and living in a wide variety of habitats. They're willing to gang up on a hawk to keep the neighborhood safe, but they're also mischievous enough to make trouble for other birds. Less colorful than jays, less imposing than ravens, they're the most common and least appreciated of the corvids, thanks to their monochromatic plumage and non-melodious voices. They're birds you can imagine having a family connection to dinosaurs, but at the same time they're a bit disreputable, a bit shabby--a bird that doesn't make much of an effort to be presentable.

Needless to say, the crow is pretty much the perfect bird, and indeed the perfect spirit animal, for a guy who likes to think of himself as both intelligent and irreverent, who talks and writes waaay more than necessary, who is devoted to his partner, who considers himself a generalist, who can feel underappreciated by the world at large, and whose general devotion to his appearance can be summed up by an affirmative answer to the question "Did I put on pants?"

Also, there's this guy:


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